I've so far submitted two videos and my game has improved more than ever. My golfing up to evolvr has been a lot about slicing and fat shots. After only two videos, evolvr has helped me fix both. I haven't had the time to ingrain them fully yet, but the results came immediately.

I went to Spain last week to play golf for six days. On the first day, I shot 109 on a par 68 course with lots of fat shots. Then I watched my latest analysis on evolvr, which gave me the next part to work on. The next day, I shot 80 and on the last day, a 78 without a single shot fat!

Suffice to say, I will be using evolvr this season, and my goal is single handicap and below. Before, I did not expect to reach single, but after discovering evolvr, I am confident I can do it. The analyses have been spot on.

Heine Kjosås

"As someone that has been part of the pre-launch if you are on the fence I suggest that you give it a try. My experience so far has been great. I would strongly recommend it."

Michael C. Hepp

"Being a part of the pre-launch myself has been amazing, As he said if you are in question of this, just try it, you won't regret it."

Derek Allison

"Just got my lesson video today and it was great! Dave does an awesome job communicating and illustrating the priorities. Very happy I signed up for it."

Michael McLoughlin